Adam Starke

Player: Colin
Homeworld: Wells


  • Fiercely competitive
  • Physically Oriented
  • Don't put me in a cage
  • Counter-cultural
  • I don't know what this arm does
  • Romantic
  • Reluctant soldier
  • "Thena, I will find you, no matter what the cost"
  • Loyal to the man Commander Fell could be
  • Prison has made me hard


5 Agility
4 Stamina; 4 Stealth
3 Pilot; 3 Charm; 3 Brawling
2 Resolve; 2 Arts (Dancer); 2 C/T (Wells, Clarke, Verne); 2 Alertness
1 EVA; 1 Slug Throwers; 1 Profession: Mercenary; 1 Survival; 1 Repair


MG Stealth (?)
Cybernetic Arm (T4)



On Dreiser, one way Alpha-class families gain prestige is by having a child who can passes the grueling battery of tests for entry into the Alpha-plus "Eidolon" class. Eidolons are ideal human specimens in one or more areas and are kept in a protected compound on Dreiser run by the government Insitute for Human Standards.

Adam Starke was an Eidolon in the proprioceptive and kinetics categories, and lived in the compound with the other Alpha-pluses. He grew restless, though, and begain to sneak out and associate with members of other classes, something considered scandalous in Dreiser society. He also began to associate with the radical Free Thinkers sect.

Finally, to avoid public scandal the government sent as a trophy member on a long-term diplomatic mission to Verne to get him out of the public arena. It was there that he met the Vernian noble Emmanuel Chevalier, who he became friends with - oblivious of the more than friendly feelings that Emmanuel held for him in turn. He also met the Gibsonian research student Thena Kreuzberg, with whom he carried on a secret but passionate affair for the better part of a year.

The affair was cut short when another of Thena's suitors, Vernian noble Florian Delacroix, challenged Adam to a sword duel. Adam accepted, thinking his superior physique would allow him to win. Instead, he almost lost his life to the trained swordsman, suffering a near mortal injury and losing his right arm. He would have died if Emmanuel had not broken protocol and stood in his place in the duel.

To save his friend's life, Emmanuel pulled some strings and put Adam in a top secret Vernian medical facility where, it was rumored, was technology that might save his life. The scientists there took a radical approach, grafting a precursor-level cybernetic arm onto Adam. The arm regenerated his failing health, but also put him in a coma for a year. When he recovered Thena had left Verne, the diplomatic mission had returned to Wells and reported him missing, and Emmanuel had gone into exile.

Adam tried to secure passage back to Wells, but he was on his own and ended up stranded on Clarke, unable to raise money for passage. He took on work as a mercenary scout, where he finally ended up in the unit commanded by Tylos Fell. Adam and the amoral Fell clashed on many occasions, culminating with a confrontation that shook Fell's resolve ever so slightly, and gave Adam a renewed sense of purpose. He resolved to seek out Thena and make a place where they could live together.

Adam continued to work with Fell until they left Clarke, feeling some strange obligation towards the man - a desire to find the good in him perhaps. Adam continued to work with him while scouring the newsfeeds for signs of Thena, but his search was to be rudely interrupted when rival mercenaries framed the two - landing Adam and Fell in the Haldeman-run prison known only as Home.

Prison life has made Adam hard, and he fears Thena may not recognize the man he has become even if he does find her. But Adam will not be caged, and Fell has a plan…

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