Technology: 0 Exploring the system
Environment: 0 One garden world (and perhaps additional barren worlds)
Resources: +4 All one could want


  • Decadent Hedonism Born of Opulence
  • Sandwiched Between Infernos
  • Naive


Most residents of Brin are blissfully unaware of the rest of the cluster, and are quite happy to be so. The planet is a garden paradise, replete with exotic and beautiful flora and fauna. A multitude of succulent and nutritive foodstuffs are readily produced, and a plethora of nearby moons provide an abundance of mineral wealth. There is precious little crime. To ensure an existence of ongoing abundance, Brindi society adopted a zero-growth policy resulting in a static population of a few tens of millions. There is ample space for everyone and no danger of shortages.

Enjoying the manifold pleasures of life is the primary occupation of each Brindi citizen, and the labor and service required to sustain the society are left to indentured servants imported from out-system. Most come to enjoy, if only to a small degree, the luxury of the Brindi culture. All are paid handsomely, but are viewed by the native Brindi more as cherished pets than employees. Any activity involving strain, hardship or danger is left to the servants. Many Brindi citizens are past masters in various creative and philosophical endeavors. However when left to their own devices and presented with even mild challenges outside their areas of expertise, the Brindi can find themselves somewhat befuddled.

Brindi society evolved from the earlier Proto-Brindi civilization that was transplanted from another cluster thousands of years in the past. A great catastrophe destroyed the Proto-Brindi, but left intact their physical edifices which have been maintained and integrated into modern Brindi society. Most Brindi live in one of a dozen or so ziggurat citadels dotting the pervasive rainforests on the planet's surface. Some reside in remote compounds here and there, and others travel from place to place without ever establishing a traditional home. All favor luxurious garments, gourmet delicacies, intricate music and all manners of art.

The Brindi are ruled by the Sultan, a hereditary monarch whose line has ruled, unbroken, from the beginning of Brindi civilization. The government is unusually stable, mostly because there is little incentive for any challenger to usurp the throne - everyone has more than enough to keep one's self happy, and the Brindi are at heart an open and sharing people. The Sultan has a personal guard, largely ceremonial, which doubles as the planet's law enforcement agency.

The system itself, sandwiched between two roiling hot nebulae, is nigh unapproachable by any but the most advanced spacecraft. The location of the slipknots within these dust clouds wreaks havoc on the heat dissipation mechanisms of inbound craft. As a result, Brin was left to its own devices for millennia and has only recently been re-incorporated into the cluster.

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