Combustite Mine


  • No Metal Allowed!
  • A Chaotic Warren
  • Friable Deposits

Combustite is a form of naturally-occurring mercury fulminate Mercury-fulminate.png formed by hydrothermal fluids derived from Gehenna's mantle. These fluids permeate the continental crust and precipitate veins of red crystals. Combustite is very unstable and will detonate if subjected to flame or concussion. This makes tectonically-active areas of Gehenna exceptionally dangerous, as earthquake shocks lead to massive cascading subterranean explosions. As a result, accessible deposits of combustite occur only in the centers of stable cratons.

The mining of combustite is both profitable and exceedingly dangerous. The host rock is usually pulverized and friable, therefore miners must make use of polymer implements to avoid sparks. Laborers from Resignation feverishly extract ore to fuel Mother.

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