Emmanuel Chevalier

Player: Christian
Homeworld: Verne


  • I Touch Everyone
  • Diplomatic Upbringing
  • Drugs Are Good
  • I Know What You Desire
  • Naina Broke My Heart
  • Trust Leads To Pain
  • Protective Of Friends
  • Connections With Scientists
  • Stubborn
  • I Will Become Rich

5 Charm
4 Resolve, Bureaucracy
3 Close Combat, Agility, Engineering
2 Repair, Culture/Technology (Verne, Brin, Haldeman), Oratory, Stamina
1 Medical, Science, Assets, Brokerage, Arts


  • MG Bureaucracy
  • MG Engineering
  • ESB Composure

Stress Tracks:
4 Health
6 Composure
4 Wealth


  • Emmanuel was born into the Chevalier family, high-ranking diplomats on Verne. Growing up, he made friends among children of diplomats and engineers alike. Very early on, he recognized his ability to charm men and women alike, and as a youth had several older lovers among the important families.
  • After using drugs to enhance his love life, he soon began a business of dealing. He also dealt in information. Life was good.
  • Naina visited Verne, and Emmanuel fell in love for the first time — hard. After an intense tryst, Naina moved on, leaving him heartbroken. he fell deeper into hedonism.
  • When Adam came to Verne on a diplomatic mission, they became friends. After realizing Adam was oblivious to Emmanuel's physical interest in him, Emmanuel introduced Adam to Thena, and the two hit it off. But Thena's other suitor challenged Adam to a duel. Emmanuel stepped in to save his friend Adam.
  • By stepping into the duel, Emmanuel broke protocol and tradition. The oracle determined that he was to be exiled. However, as he left the planet, he was betrayed by the family of the other duelist and ended up on trumped-up charges in a prison camp in the Leguin system.
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