Naina Kapoor


  • Crafty Little Finagler
  • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Slippery
  • Always Lands on Her Feet
  • In Over Her Head
  • Always a Part of Someone's Scheme
  • Fascinating
  • Short Attention Span
  • I Am My Own Woman!
  • Not Afraid to Get Her Hands Dirty


  • [5] EVA
  • [4] Resolve [4] Repairs
  • [3] Micro-G [3] Culture Tech (Brin, Gibson, Verne, Haldeman) [3] Assets
  • [2] Agility [2] Alertness [2] Stamina [2] Charm
  • [1] Slug Throwers [1] Demolitions [1] Brokerage [1] Brawling [1] Intimidation


  • Military Grade Repairs
  • Alter A Track: Lucky (2/3/4 Consequences)
  • Use My Skill: Culture Tech (Condition: must be in same/adjacent zone)

Stress Tracks:

  • Health - 4
  • Composure - 5
  • Wealth - 5


Growing up as the daughter of the Brindi Sultan was a singularly privileged experience. Privileged, but not terribly exciting for a young girl with a yen for thrill-seeking. Somehow Naina always found a way to get into trouble on a planet lacking true danger.

Bored with a life of luxury and excess, Naina convinced her father to bankroll a grand tour of the Sagan Cluster. After quickly ditching her handlers, she stowed away on a tramp freighter bound for Gibson. Surviving by wits and determination alone she managed to make it all the way to Verne.

Verne, as worlds go, was not terribly entertaining and was to be only a brief layover for Naina. That is, until she met Emmanuel Chevalier. The suave lothario swept her off her feet and into a white-hot whirlwind romance. The itch to travel soon returned, though, and compelled Naina to end the affair and move on to Haldeman.

Inevitably, her identity caught up with her and she was kidnapped for the vast ransom she would bring from the Sultan. Sequestered on a remote, abandoned survey station in the Clarke system her captors milked the Sultan for repeated payments as they strung him along. Eventually, her captors came to treat her more like a mascot than a captive - though captive she most definitely was. Tylos Fell, however, learned of her status and resolved to collect the lucrative ransom payments himself. Tylos tracked down Naina and liberated her from her captivity, but after rescuing her could not bring himself to keep her.

Naina ended up on the slipknot station constructed by Haldeman in the Clarke system, securing a position as a troubleshooting specialist. The Sultan, however, had grown weary of his daughter's willfulness and dispatched operatives to bring her home. Naina was captured and brought to The Home on Gehenna in the Leguin system. She was to be held in the high-security facility until Brindi officials come to escort her home.

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