Technology: -1 Atomic power
Environment: -2 Hostile environment (gravity but dangerous atmosphere)
Resources: 0 Sustainable


  • No life outside the Domes
  • Covered in kilometers of ice
  • Resentful of Gibson

No one quite remembers the days when the settlers first came to Orwell, or why they named the planet such, but a few tales can be found inscribed in the walls below Fortek, the oldest and smallest of the sixteen domes. These tales tell of those who came to the planet, filled with hope, and found only ice and death. The ships that brought them here were soon cannibalized to build Fortek, shielding the settlers as they began to drill deep down into the ice.

Most of the technology from the First Days is lost. The old fusion plants were replaced by large, bulky nuclear power plants, fed by radioactive ore from deep below the ice. Orwell's population had no space ships, and no way to progress toward them within the strict confines of the domes, until Gibson made contact. Now, Gibson supplies some necessary materials in return for some of the resources that lie within the frozen planet.

Many Orwellians resent the Gibsonians, for their arrival changed the culture of Orwell forever. Where before, the people of Orwell depended upon each other and formed tightly woven communities, now an exodus of the youth has begun. The stories of planets full of lush vegetation and warm air draw them away. A culture war is simmering just beneath the frozen surface of the planet, ready to burst out.

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