The Masquerade

Soon after the arrival of Adam Starke, Tylos Fell and Emmanuel Chevalier to the prison called Home, a masquerade ball was organized for the inmates. Each was given a costume chosen by Father. Adam Starke was given a jester's garb, Tylos Fell a schoolboy's knickers and Emmanuel Chevalier [xxx]. Starke swapped costumes with Phil, an obsequious snitch in a furry cat suit, in order to disguise himself as he climbed the Clock Tower in an effort to find an entrance to the control facility. He succeeded, and surreptitiously gained entry to The Den where he found Naina Kapoor confined in a Stasis Chamber.

Tylos and Emmanuel attended the ball, held in the Courtyard. Emmanuel danced with a woman dressed as [xxx], and broached the subject of escape. The woman shut down that line of conversation, but furtively slipped into Emmanuel's hand a small walnut and whispered that he should seek her out in the future. Soon after, Emmanuel maneuvered another inmate into clumsily upsetting the punchbowl and calling upon himself the wrath of the Hard Hats.

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