Tylos Fell

Player: Matthew
Homeworld: Clarke

I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm
I'm a runaway son of the nuclear a-bomb
I am a worlds forgotten boy
The one who searches and destroys

Honey gotta help me please
Somebody gotta save my soul
Baby detonate for me

Look out honey, cause I'm using technology
Aint got time to make no apology
Soul radiation in the dead of night
Love in the middle of a fire fight

- Iggy Pop, Search And Destroy


  • This Is What You Get!
  • Scavenger Of Necessity
  • Pyrrhic Strategist Supreme
  • Everyone Else Is A Pawn
  • Veteran Of A Thousand Psychic Wars
  • Starke Choices
  • Hail Naina, Full Of Grace
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
  • Out Of Command, Out Of Control
  • Desperate For Something Else


5 Tactics
4 Brawling; 4 Intimidation
3 Agility; 3 Navigation; 3 Slug Throwers
2 Alertness; 2 Profession (Soldier); 2 Resolve; 2 Vehicle
1 EVA; 1 Culture/Tech (Clarke, Haldeman); 1 MicroG; 1 Stamina; 1 Stealth


  • MG Brawling (+2 penetration to Brawling attacks & +1 to Brawling rolls in defense)
  • MG EVA
  • MG Slug Throwers

4 Health
4 Composure
3 Wealth


  • Tylos Fell grew up in the war-torn Cuscatlán province of Morazán, one of the members of the Veblen Compact on Azé, the only inhabited planet in the Clarke system. Tylos was a child soldier in the Saltá-Morazán War, a resource conflict propagated mostly by outsiders from either the Wells or Haldeman system over the resource Boralene. On a world rich with resources, Tylos and his Cuscatlán brothers knew only want and violence, alternately and in good supply. For them it was about territory and pride; they were only too happy to accept the far superior weapons and training given them by "advisors" from Wells. As a youth Tylos proved himself again and again as a forward observer during war and during the rare times of ceasefire, as a scavenger for needed material in preparation for the next conflict.
  • In spite of worrisome "rough edges" Tylos was marked for officer training by Dreiser leadership within the Compact. He advanced quickly and led a series of successful campaigns for his home region almost always against superior forces. One improbable victory came after another, often at great cost, but always effective. These won victories and territorial advance proved profitable for the off-world factors from Dreiser, the wealth siphoned out of Morazán again and again. Over the years Tylos came to realize this but the next prize of victory was always held in higher regard, and there were bounties for him as well. It left him cynical. He couldn't take his frustrations out on those who fed him with implements of war and there were always weaker prey to distract him from any nagging doubts.
  • Tylos' cynicism ultimately manifested in him leaving the Morazán military during a period of chaos. There were rumors of being being ousted for egregious misconduct, but that seems unlikely given his value as a military asset. Tylos became a mercenary and at times even fought for Salta under forces directed by the Albion Combine from Haldeman. Tylos' military victories were scarcer in this period. His mind was still brilliant but he seemed at odds with himself. It was then that he met Adam Starke. Knowing victory depended on drawing the enemy out and forcing them to fight, Tylos ordered the brutal razing of a civilian urban district in his own home territory of Cuscatlán. Starke disobeyed a direct order given by Tylos to participate in this atrocity. Tylos put a phos-carbine to Starke's head and would have pulled the trigger but something about Starke's passion for his love Thena, told to Tylos at every opportunity beforehand, stayed Tylos' hand. Starke was a puzzle to him and his calculating mind couldn't let such a puzzle go unsolved.
  • Sick of contract work, Tylos took several mercenaries whose capabilities he trusted and started working for himself; less… traditional work. One such job was "rescuing" Naina Kapoor from her captors with the intent of collecting the ransom money. Whatever his motives, she ultimately convinced him into letting her go free, something his associates did not appreciate. A few of them subsequently double-crossed Tylos on their next job, rendering Tylos a captive himself.
  • Tylos is a prisoner of Home on Gehenna in the Leguin system. He's out of his element and out of a command structure. He keeps his mind busy with plans of escape and seems to be taking some sense of satisfaction in the Starke's coarsening, even as he continues to ask about Thena. He thinks about Naina sometimes, but doesn't talk about her. He's confident he'll be leaving here soon.
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