Technology: 0 Exploring the system
Environment: 0 One garden world (and perhaps additional barren worlds)
Resources: 0 Sustainable


  • The Oracle
  • Cloud Cities
  • Network of Spies


Verne's last fall was thousands of years ago. Their technology might have surpassed all others in the cluster by now were it not for the byzantine cultural constraints placed upon them by The Oracle, an artificial intelligence created by the Vernians long ago. Mostly beneficent, The Oracle does not rule their society but guides it, helping to keep the Vernians from ecological or technological catastrophe.

The Oracle is also the largest repository of human history in the the cluster. It is not known for certain that Verne is the original home of all the human societies in the system but that is believed, to varying degree, by many in the cluster and the Vernians do little to dissuade this common notion. This "homeworld" mystique is part of what has allowed Verne to remain mostly independent of constraining outside influence. While their astrogation and martial technologies lag far behind others in the cluster, The Oracle, along with various safely guarded "splinter A.I." technologies have helped to keep the Vernians a potent force. Whether through the negotiation of defensive treaties, or always seeming to have powerful friends placed among cultures that might otherwise be hostile, Verne has always been one step ahead of trouble.

Verne applies the technology it does have, technology either researched or traded for, to ends that are sometimes inexplicable to others in the cluster. The chief example of this is are Verne's many pseudo-floating cloud cities. Imported solar technologies absorb energy from the slow burning dwarf that Verne orbits, but these cities nonetheless take enormous resources to maintain, and no environmental characteristic of the planet can explain them. The planet is not, for example, prone to earthquakes in unusual number or potency. The Oracle commended their development and so they are. There are settlements on the surface as well, some larger, but none so grand as those above. They are beautiful without exception.

Verne has two professions of special note for their aptitude, and these are spread throughout the cluster; archeologists and diplomats. Their talents in these fields are without peer, and some even come from other systems to learn these trades at various prestigious institutes on Verne. But in the case of native Vernians, both of these pursuits have a secondary calling; they are spies. In the name of cultural understanding, negotiations, and helping others in the cluster to uncover their own pasts, Verne accumulates vast stores of knowledge, insight they and The Oracle find extremely useful. To what end?

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