Technology: +3 Slipstream mastery
Environment: -2 Hostile environment (gravity but dangerous atmosphere)
Resources: 0 Sustainable


  • Purity Is Primacy
  • The Wind Never Ceases
  • "I Drink Your Milkshake"

Description: The second planet of Wells was settled by Free Ethicists from Haldeman several hundred years ago. A warm aqueous world beset by constant hurricanes, the new home was named Dreiser, and the separatists set about making it more habitable. While some other systems have fallen into collapse, Wells has maintained their scientific mastery of slipstreams.

The current society is governed by a technocracy with eugenics as its dominating principle. The predominate culture is racially diverse, the Ethicists recognizing skin pigment as unimportant, but otherwise genetically narrow. Most Dreisers are pure specimens in terms both physical and cerebral; the "weak" having been weeded out over generations of selective reproduction. Dreiser space marines are feared and spoken of in hushed tones across the cluster.

Dreiser supports less than a billion souls, its environmental adversities resulting in a relatively high death rate in spite of technical safeguards. Insufficient food nutrients have also been a periodic issue. Other cultures disparage Dreisers as having a callous attitude towards human life as result of these hardships. They also have the reputation of thinking themselves Uebermensch, and those from other systems as inferior.

Counterculture movements in Wells, particularly those off-world, tend to revolve around the right to choose one's own mate and to reproduce naturally. Some of those who've traveled to other systems have elected to stay and settle there, rejecting the Free Ethicist technocracy as well as any principal of genetic "purity."

Wells supports the Veblen Compact on Aze with arms and men, both for ideological reasons as well as to ensure their access to the critical Boralene resource. The civil war there has raged on for many years but there is no shortage of volunteers if only for three square meals and the opportunity, even in war, to see a more habitable world.

Most Dreisers have disdain for the inhabitants of the Leguin system, seeing them as superstitious and their theocracy as rankly inferior to their own reductionist ideology. They might be inclined to advance on those worlds to put them under "superior management" were they not tied up in their current proxy war with Haldeman in the Clarke system.

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